About Mel's Treasures

Mel's Treasures is a woman-led small business that specializes in vintage and antique fine jewelry. Melissa, or Mel, restores old gold, shares one of a kind vintage items from the past, and sources treasures for those looking for something in particular. Every item is unique and sourced from trusted jewelry experts who specialize in gemology, precious metals or customizations. Every item is authenticated, tested and approved by Melissa, the owner, and her sources. All sources have decades of reliable experience through the exquisite connections in New York City's finest diamond district and renowned jewelers. Melissa grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and established strong relationships with several jewelers throughout her childhood and lifetime. Her mother was an artist and art representation, so she was exposed to NYC's jewelry and art world at a young age.

These treasures are always thoughtfully curated and mindfully sourced. Melissa began Mel's Treasures in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by helping small jewelry shops to stay in business during a very difficult time for jewelers who solely relied on foot traffic. She began by going door to door to shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan and offering her digital marketing experience. As this concept and her relationships began to unfold, Melissa realized how impactful this business was becoming. She built her own social media platform and website, and developed stronger relationships with some of NYC's oldest jewelers. As Mel's Treasures began to grow, so did Melissa's dedication and passion for sustainable fine jewelry. Melissa continues her passions by sourcing from all over NYC, and strives to provide the best quality vintage jewelry that is equally attainable for those starting their collection and exquisitely unique. 

Why solid vintage gold jewelry?

Vintage jewelry is better for the environment by recycling old gold and conserving resources instead of using harmful chemicals to create gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry. Gold has also increased in value significantly over the past few decades, so you are investing in your style and your future. Support small business and invest in unique real solid gold that lasts a lifetime and beyond...